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All submissions are to be sent to the CBS at, from where they will be distributed to the other editors. Each new description should be prepared in MS word, and pasted into a technical template, which can be downloaded here.
Additional information, (text, phylogenetic trees, DNA sequence, etc.) will be pasted in MycoBank (linked to the species via its unique identifier), and needs to be submitted on separate page(s). Alignments should be deposited in TreeBASE , and sequences in GenBank and MycoBank . Wherever possible, DNA should be deposited in a DNA-Bank. Specimens should be deposited in herbaria, with preference to those which are searchable online. Cultures should be deposited in at least one major international culture collection.
Because illustrations (including an ecological site photo) should be of high quality, they may, because of their size, be difficult to submit via normal e-mail. Hence we recommend electronic submission of such illustrations to via or dropbox

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